Mag. Dr. Isabella Radhuber


Ferstelgasse 5/Top floor, door 25
Room: D 03
1090 Vienna
T: +43-1-4277-494 66
F: +43-1-4277-949 4

Short CV

Isabella M. Radhuber’s research questions how ways of dealing with natural resources affect and form societies - politically, ecologically and economically. Her empirical focus is on highly diverse, postcolonial societies in Latin America and Europe. She is currently a Marie S. Curie Fellow, funded by the Austrian Science Fund. This has involved two twelve month periods (as a visiting academic) at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Previously, she worked as a Postdoc researcher at the Ibero-American Institute in Berlin, at the Institute of Social Studies in The Haag and at the Postgraduate Center in Development Sciences in La Paz, while providing counselling for civil society organizations. She was awarded her PhD in Political Science from the University of Vienna. During her time living in Bolivia, she initiated multiple collaborations between Latin America and Europe.

Research interests

political economy and ecology, natural resource regimes, Latin America and Europe, plurinationality, postcoloniality

Selected publications

Full list of publications (pdf)

  • Radhuber, Isabella M./ Andreucci, Diego (2017): Limits to “counter-neoliberal” reform: Mining expansion and the marginalisation of post-extractivist forces in Evo Morales’s Bolivia. Geoforum 84, 280-291. DOI:
  • Radhuber, Isabella (2015): Extractive Processes, Global Production Networks and Inequalities. Working Paper Series 89, Berlin: International Research Network on Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America, 
  • Radhuber, Isabella M. (2015): State Power and Political‐Power Balance in Bolivia: An Analysis through Laws and Finances. Latin American Policy 6.1, 89-109, DOI: 
  • Radhuber, Isabella Margerita (2014): Recursos naturales y finanzas públicas. La base material del Estado plurinacional de Bolivia (English translation: Natural Resources and Public Finances. The Material Base of Bolivia’s Plurinational State). La Paz: Plural Editores, 320p.
  • Radhuber, Isabella M. (2014): Estado plurinacional, políticas públicas y presupuestos en Bolivia. Cuadernos de reflexión y análisis de políticas públicas 4. UNDP Bolivia, 53-87
  • Radhuber, Isabella M. (2013): Foro - Derechos Indígenas y Recursos Naturales: Viejos y Nuevos Conflictos Eco-Territoriales. La Paz: Proyecto NEBE,
  • Radhuber, Isabella M. (2012): Indigenous Struggles for a Plurinational State: An Analysis of Indigenous Rights and Competences in Bolivia, Journal of Latin American Geography 11 (2), 167-193, DOI: 
  • Chávez León, Patricia/ Mokrani Chávez, Dunia/ Radhuber, Isabella Margerita/ Quiroz Mendieta, Tania (2010): ¿A prueba las mujeres o el proceso de cambio? (Bolivia). Herramienta 45 Año XV. Revista de debate y crítica marxista. Octubre de 2010. Ediciones Herramienta: Buenos Aires, 9-14
  • Radhuber, Isabella (2010): Rediseñando el Estado. Un análisis a partir de la política hidrocarburífera en Bolivia. UMBRALES 20. Revista del Postgrado en Ciencias del Desarrollo: Hidrocarburos, política y sociedad (Abril 2010). CMI Chr. Michelsen Institute. CIDES-UMSA. La Paz: Plural Editores: 105-126
  • Radhuber, Isabella Margerita (2008): El poder de la tierra. Prefacio de Luis Tapia (English translation: The Power of the Land. Preface of Luis Tapia). La Paz: Plural Editores, 197 p.