CfA for the innaugral Healthy Societies 2021 conference

Registraiton opens: Monday 4 October 2021. Submission deadline: Friday 8 October 2021.

The Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies is excited to invite abstract submissions for the innaugral Healthy Societies 2021 conference, a TASA November event to be held:

Tuesday 16 November
9.30am - 3.30pm (GMT+10)
The University of Sydney

A hybrid event with among others Barbara Prainsack.

Health is often seen as a characteristic of individuals and their bodies, but is also formed collectively. As the global pandemic has so starkly revealed, political arrangements, economic structures, interspecies relations, enduring inequalities, relations with our environment, and so forth, are productive of health problems and successes, as well as emergent health threats. 

This symposium will bring together social scientists and interdisciplinary scholars to ‘provide a platform for radically reimagining health and wellbeing and how it might be better provided for—for humans, other species, our environment and the planet.’

The symposium will be organised around four sessions: 

Session 1: Politics and Economies of Health and Wellbeing – exploring the global nexus of political and economic interests that shape individual, collective and planetary health 

Session 2: Race, Ethnicity and the Biohumanities – mapping and addressing the ways racism, inequality and structural violence contribute to health disparities 

Session 3: Human-Microbial and Multispecies Relations – interrogating relationships between humans and non-human species, and how these interactions shape (present and future) health

Session 4: Work, Education and Welfare – exploring the role of the welfare state and systems of (formal and informal) governance and care in the production of health and illness

Researchers and practitioners at all career stages are invited to submit an abstract to the event.

Abstracts should be aligned with one of the session themes, and should be a maximum of 
400-words (excluding title and author details) in length. 

Submission deadline: Friday 8 October 2021
Registration opens: Monday 4 October 2021

Submit your abstract here (please click)