IPW Lecture mit Flavia Fossati zum Nachhören

Hier können Sie die IPW Lecture von Flavia Fossati mit dem Titel "Labour market integration of immigrants: The employers‘ perspective" nachhören.

Am 22.10.2018 sprach Flavia Fossati im Rahmen der IPW Lectures über "Labour market integration of immigrants: The employers‘ perspective".

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Der Abstract zum Vortrag:
Labour market integration is one of the most promising ways to integrating immigrants into a host society. However, there are different reasons why immigrants have a harder time obtaining a job. Beyond human and social capital issues (e.g. certificate recognition, language skills, etc.) sometimes also employers’ discriminatory behaviour hinders a successful labour market integration. This presentation explores when and why employers discriminate immigrants, and asks whether there are individual characteristics of immigrants (e.g. hobbies, volunteering activities, etc.) and/or policies (e.g. active labour market program participation) that can help mitigating the disadvantages immigrants face on the labour market.