Online IPW Lecture: Stephanie Johnson & Katharina T. Paul - COVID-19 vaccination practices: A matter of solidarity?

When: Wednesday, 17 March 2021, 16:00. Where: online. Lecturers: Stephanie Johnson & Katharina T. Paul. Moderation: Katharina Kieslich

Invitation to the online IPW Lecture COVID-19 vaccination practices: A matter of solidarity?

Lecturers: Katharina T. Paul (IPW | University of Vienna), and Stephanie Johnson (University of Oxford)
Moderation: Katharina Kieslich (IPW | University of Vienna)
When: Wednesday, 17 March 2020, 16:00
Where: Online (direct access link:


In efforts to contain the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, policy officials have frequently appealed to the need for solidarity. This discourse has become particularly pronounced in urgent calls for vaccination - even before vaccines were available. In this way, vaccine acceptance has been framed as one of the key factors determining our collective future. The two talks report on the status of vaccine acceptance in Austria and the UK: What shapes people’s concerns around COVID19 vaccination, what motivations drive their choices and how do these resonate with existing knowledge on vaccination practices? What social, ethical, and economic value is assigned to vaccination in current policy discourses and how have these shaped immunization programmes? What other issues shape these programmes and how may these impact on vaccination practices? Drawing on narrative interviews conducted in the context of the SolPan (Solidarity in times of a Pandemic) study, led by the University of Vienna, as well as emerging survey data, the two talks offer insights into the ongoing efforts to address the pandemic by means of vaccination. This lecture is the first in a series of three IPW lectures organized by CeSCoS on the question of solidarity in vaccination policy and practices.

An event within the IPW Lectures, an international lecture series of the Department for Political Science, University of Vienna.

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