'Solidarity in Biomedicine and Beyond' jetzt als Paperback erhältlich

'Solidarity in Biomedicine and Beyond' von Barbara Prainsack und Alena Buyx ist kürzlich als Paperback Version erschienen.


In times of global economic and political crises, the notion of solidarity is gaining new currency. This book argues that a solidarity-based perspective can help us to find new ways to address pressing problems. Exemplified by three case studies from the field of biomedicine: databases for health and disease research, personalised healthcare, and organ donation, it explores how solidarity can make a difference in how we frame problems, and in the policy solutions that we can offer.

'At a challenging political moment, Barbara Prainsack and Alena Buyx offer an approach to bioethics based on an appeal to solidarity as a core guiding concept. Their account is both descriptive and prescriptive, grounded firmly in practice. Moving beyond an unproductive dichotomy between personal and common benefit, their book promises an alternative to the impoverished accounts of human connectedness informed only by the logic of the market. The authors reveal the limits of an exclusive, ritualistic focus on autonomy-based health policies, offering a productive way forward.' Barbara Koenig, Director of Bioethics, University of California, San Francisco

'Solidarity in Biomedicine and Beyond effectively takes on and combines two complex issues of our times. How ought we best understand the idea of human solidarity in the face of cultural trends that separate and often badly divide us? And how best to bring that understanding to bear on the great challenges, for good or ill, of the rapid and consequential changes for health care of progress in genetics and other rapidly changing technologies? Prainsack and Buyx' insights and careful analysis take us a long way down a winding modern road into the future.' Daniel Callahan, President Emeritus, The Hastings Center, New York

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