Exploring a de facto State – Study Trip to the 'TRNC' (Cyprus)

When: Sept. 17th – Sept. 28th 2021. We do it again! Since crossing to the de facto state 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' was prohibited last year (Corona) we will continue our exploration of Cyprus this year. In September 2021, there will be a second Cyprus study trip under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Irene Etzersdorfer.

This year, we will mainly focus on the regime in the north, which was separated from the RoC by a military invasion of Turkey in 1974 – after a coup d'etat instigated by the Greek Junta. The North declared independence in 1983 which was strictly rejected by the international community in UNSC res. calling for 'collective non-recognition'. Despite relentless but failing efforts to re-unite Cyprus – especially in the years proceeding EU accession  – the North is currently back again on a 'two state solution' path.

We will try to understand the political dynamics of this frozen conflict, the structures of the de facto state, 'TRNC's' fate within the international community, the economic dimensions of embargos leading to an even higher dependence on Turkey but also the emergence of  new conflict dynamics as f.e.illegal migration. But sight seeing and beach life will not fall short ….

Expenses will amount to 1200.- Euro approx. (flight incl, food occasionally included)

Our 1st preparatory meeting is on July 1st at 19h in Kaffee DIGLAS, Schottengasse 2.

In case of interest, please get in touch with irene.etzersdorfer@univie.ac.at.

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