Deborah Drgac, BA MA


Neues Institutsgebäude
Universitätsstr. 7/2. Stock
Zi.-Nr.: D 205
1010 Wien
T: +43-1-4277-494 36
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Deborah Drgac is a pre-doctoral researcher who is investigating the experimental knowledge of patients, family members, health professionals and care givers within the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Solidarity (CeSCoS) and the research group Senescence and Healing of Wounds (ShoW) of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute. She earned her Bachelor's (2017) and Master's (2019) degree in sociology at the University of Vienna. Having specialized in health-sociology, she wrote her master thesis on food choices and nutrition in adolescence. During the COVID 19 pandemic she worked at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health Care and Consumer Protection. Further Deborah is pursuing her Master’s in public health at the Medical University in Vienna and is evaluating women’s mental health for her Master's thesis by exploring psychological distress in relation with social stigmatization of non-breastfeeding mothers. During her study she participated in health-related publications, focusing on aging population and frailty.


Sozialforschung, Gesundheitsbezogene Studien und Gesundheitspolitik, qualitative Forschung