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Ausschreibungen | Announcements

The University of Vienna seeks to fill the position as soon as possible of a University Assistant (prae doc) in the field of East European Studies at...

Ausschreibungen | Announcements

At the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna the position of a Visiting Professor of Comparative Politics with Specialization in...

IPW Lectures

Guest lecture by Mike Laufenberg (Technische Universität Berlin) as part of the IPW Lectures, an international lecture series at the Department of...

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Call for registration for the news mailing list of the department!

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Lecture series: Typisch Mädchen, typisch Bub? Wechselwirkungen zwischen Geschlecht , Gesundheit und Krankheit in Kindheit und Jugend.

Lecture series:...

IPW Working Papers

A new IPW Working Paper (No. 1/2017) is now available!