In Memoriam

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Gottweis

08.02.1958 – 31.03.2014

With the Death of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Gottweis the Austrian political science and the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna loses a ground-breaking personality, a passionate scientist and a central actor.

Obituary of the Colleagues of the Department of Political Science

Obituary for Herbert Gottweis, by Barbara Prainsack (Research Platform Life - Science - Governance / King's College London)

Valediction for Herbert Gottweis (BioSocieties: Palgrave Macmillan)

Short biography & research focus (pdf file)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf file)

Publications (pdf file)

Dr. Gudrun Hauer

08.07.1953 – 04.11.2015

The department loses with Gudrun Hauer, long-term lecturer at the Department of Political Science, a committed and valued colleague.


Obituary Department of Political Science (Karin Liebhart, in German)

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