Welcome to the Homepage of the Directorate of Studies Political Science

The Directorate of Studies (Studienprogrammleitung SPL) ensures the high quality and smooth running of the teaching programme. The homepage of the Directorate of Studies serves as a platform providing important information for both students and lecturers (see menu on the right: only available in German). The following points of contact will be happy to help you in case of specific questions or concerns.

Please note that - following the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - you have to use your official University of Vienna email address if you contact us concerning personal requests and information (examination results, confirmations, etc.). Requests sent from private e-mail addresses will not be processed.

       If you have general questions regarding your studies and the degree programme, please, contact info.spl.powi@univie.ac.at

       If you have questions concerning teaching or the planning process regarding the study programme, please, contact lehre.powi@univie.ac.at

       If you have questions regarding the registration for courses, please, contact anmeldung.powi@univie.ac.at

       If you have questions about the completion of your degree programme (Bachelor’s or Master’s) or the registration for examinations (4th attempt, lectures, final Master’s examination and thesis defense), please, contact info.spl.powi@univie.ac.at    

       If you have questions regarding the recognition of examination results obtained in Austria, please, contact anerkennung.powi@univie.ac.at

       If you have questions regarding the recognition of examination results obtained abroad, please, contact anerkennung.international.powi@univie.ac.at

      If teachers, tutors and study assistants need support in planning and implementing digitally supported teaching formats, please contact emu.powi.ctl@univie.ac.at.

The Team of the Studies Service Unit (StudienServiceStelle SSSt) strives to attend to all your requests appropriately and in a timely manner. We are also happy to help you in person during our office hours.

Office hours during the semester

Wednesday: 10:00 - 12:00

Neues Institutsgebäude (NIG)

Universitätsstraße 7/ 2nd floor

1010 Vienna

Rooms D201 and D204

Directorate of Studies (SPL)

The Directorate of Studies 21 oversees the Bachelor degree programme and the Master degree programme of Political Science. The Directorate of Studies is supported by the Studies Service Unit (SSSt) (NIG, 2nd floor, wing D) and the Studies Service Center (SSC) (NIG, 6th floor) and is advised by the Studies Conference.

The tasks of the Directorate of Studies include:

       Supporting students and lecturers with matters related to the organisation of studies and courses

       Setting requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme

       Planning and organising the teaching programme

       Carrying out the registration processes for courses and examinations

       Recognition of examination results obtained externally

       Organisation of examinations and of the completion of degree programmes

       Measures for the quality assurance of teaching

Josef Melchior, Director of Studies

Karin Liebhart, Vice-Director of Studies

Thomas Meyer, Vice-Director of Studies


(Please make sure to use your University of Vienna email address when contacting us!)