Information about consultation hours

No regular consultation hours during the summer holiday break

Attention: During the summer holiday break between 01.07.2018 and 30.09.2018, there will be no regular consultation hours, unless they are not announced extra. For announcements, please visit the homepage of the directorate of studies or the respective, personal subpages below.

Staff of the Department of Political Science

The team of scientific and administrative colleagues at the department.

Work and Research fields
Bargetz, BrigitteGender and Politics, Critical Science Literacy, Affect Studies, Theories of Everyday Life, Queer Feminist Theories, Cultural Studies, Democracy Theory and Political Theory
Bergmann, AstridFeminist Theory, Feminist Political Economy, Political Theory
Bernhardt, PetraVisual Political Communication, Strategic Communication, Political Advertising and Branding, Photojournalism, Iconographies of Terror and Violence, Qualitative Visual Methods
Brad, AlinaInternational envrionmental and resource politics, political ecology, politics of scale, socio-ecological conflicts, regional focus: South East Asia
Brand, Ulrich
(Deputy Head of Department)
International Politics, Critical State, Governance and Globalization Studies, International Political Ecology, Economic Policy, Environmental Policy, Democracy Theory and Political Theory
Chmilewski, KatjaFeminist Political Theories, Labor and Social Policy, Social Movements
Egger, ManuelaStudies Service Unit Political Science
Ehs, TamaraSocial issues of democracy and the rule of law, constitutional jurisdiction, direct and participatory democracy, legal and historical foundations of European integration (in particular ECJ)
Fankhauser, IngridAdministrative employee, research group Latin American studies
Flatscher, MatthiasPolitical Theory, Language and Social Philosophy, Political Ideas, Democracy Theories and Discourses of Alterity
Fossati, FlaviaSocial, labour market and migration policy; labour market integration and discrimination research, social policy preferences and electoral behaviour, survey experiments
Garnitschnig, InesScientific project employee: Making Democracy. Negotiations on freedom, equality and solidarity among young people
Gebh, SaraPolitical Theory and the History of Political Ideas: Democratic Theory, Democracy and Conflict, Theories of Resistance, (Civil) Disobedience and Protest, Theories of the State of Exception, Theories of Constituent Power, Ancient Political Thought
Gmoser, Susanne Administrative staff of the Department
Graf, IreneStudies Service Unit Political Science
Grahofer, JuttaStudies Service Unit Political Science
Haselbacher, MiriamMigration Policy, Integration Research
Hasenöhrl, SyntiaGender and Politics, Mobility Studies, Diaspora Politics, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Discourse Studies
Hattmannsdorfer, HelenaMigration Policy, Integration Research, European and National Asylum Politics, Ethnography, Gender Studies
Kathan, Michaela Organizational Assistant, administrative staff of the Department
Kieslich, Katharina Comparative health policy; comparative public policy; health priority setting and rationing; health technology assessment; social values in health priority setting; public participation in health care decision-making.
Köpl, ReginaFeminist Science Criticism, Politics of Gender Relations, Subjectivity and Subject Concept, Industrial Culture, Media-Power-Society
Krams, MathiasSocial Movements, Resistance, Space, Conflict, Political Ecology, Climate and Energy Policies, Materialist State Theory
Krischek, CarolineAdministrative staff of the Department
Liebhart, Karin
(Senior Lecturer, Vice-Director of Studies)
Visual Politics and Visual Cultures; Political Communication and Campaigning; Discursive and Visual Representations of Politics; Right-wing Populism, Right-wing Extremism, Anti-pluralistic Politics; Memory politics; Gender Studies; Qualitative Methods in Social Research
Ludwig, GundulaPolitical Theory: State-, Power- and Democracy Theories, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Body Theories
Maneka, DanyalInternational political economy, critical studies of the European Union, materialist state- and social theory, feminist theory
Marchart, Oliver
(Head of Department)
Political Theory, Theory of Society, Theory of Democracy, History of Political Ideas, Social Movement Research, Precariousness Research, Political Discourse Analysis
Melchior, Josef
(Director of Studies)
The Political System of the European Union, Europeanization Research, Inequality and Democracy
Menkovski, BojanStudies Service Unit Political Science
Moder, ClaraCivil society, social movements, democracy, transition processes, Central and Eastern Europe
Müller-Uri, Fanny
(currently on leave)
Racism research, Antimuslim racism, Feminist Theories, Critical Migration Research, Postcolonial and Capitalism criticism
Naue, Ursula
(Senior Lecturer)
Disability Politics and Policies, Politics of Dementia and Age(ing), Participation Research, Inclusion Research
Novak, ChristophCritical migration research; Empirical social research; Feminist, postmigration and postcolonial studies; Critical whiteness studies; Racism
Opratko, BenjaminRacism and Islamophobia; Right wing populism; Critical Political Theory, Gramscian theories of Hegemony; International Political Economy
Paul, Katharina T. Health Policy, Vaccination Policy, Regulation, Medical & Biopolitics, Critical Policy Analysis, Interpretative Policy Research
Pot, Mirjam Interpretative Policy Research, Critical Policy Analysis, Qualitative Methods, Health Policy, Personalized Medicine, Theories and Practices of Solidarity
Prainsack, Barbara Health policy; practices, institutions and politics of solidarity; political, social and ethical aspects of Personalised Medicine; data-rich practices in science and medicine; regulation of DNA technologies in medicine and forensics; comparative science & technology policy
Pranzl, JoachimPolitical Participation, Democracy, Democratic Innovations, Southeastern Europe, Southeastern European History
Pribersky, Andreas
Visual Studies, Political Symbols and Rituals, Visual Policy, Eastern European Studies, EU Enlargement, Political Cultures, Comparative Political Science, Political Anthropology
Raffa, MonjaStudies Service Unit Political Science
Rajal, ElkePolitics of the past, anti-Semitism, National Socialism and the Shoah, education (political education, holocaust education, critical education on anti-Semitism and racism, pedagogy of migration)
Rajic, DanijelaAdministrative staff of the Department
Riesinger, KatharinaProject assistant in the research project KNOW-VACC: Knowledge production and governance in vaccination policy. A comparison of vaccination registries in Austria and the Netherlands.
Rosenberger, SieglindeInclusion and Exclusion in the context of Migration, Austrian Politics and Europeanization, Governance and Differences/Diversity, Political Participation and Protest
Sauer, Birgit Gender and Politics, Political Representation of Women, Critical State, Governance and Democracy Studies, Gender and Governance, Politics and Emotions, Right-wing populism
Schneider, EtienneInternational Relations, International Political Economy, Eurozone crisis, European economic and monetary integration, Monetary Policy, Industrial Policy
Schreier, StefanAdministrative staff of the Department
Schütze, TheresaPolitics of inclusion and exclusion, Inside the Deportation Gap: Social Membership for Non-Deported Persons
Seisl, BenediktPolitical Theory, Theory of Democracy, Political Economy, European Integration and Europeanization
Spahl, WandaSocial Policy, Public Health, Citizenship Studies, Qualitative Methods, Migration Studies
Spöri, TobiasPolitical Participation, Political Socialization, Eastern Europe, Legacy of State Socialism, Transformation Processes
Spurny, KatharinaAdministrative staff of the Department
Stachowitsch, SaskiaCritical Security and Military Studies, Feminist and postcolonial International Relations, Security privatization, private security and military companies, Gender, Security and Military; Integration of women in the military , EU Border Security, transnational actors (e.g. Frontex), Parliamentarianism, Antisemitism and political Jewish history in Austria
Stadlmair, JeremiasCitizenship, Austrian Politics, political participation, direct democracy, politics of inclusion/exclusion, immigrant integration
Stiegler, Josefa MariaCritical Security Studies, Feminist International Relations, Security and Gender, Urban Dimensions of Security and Militarization of Urban Spaces, Feminist Urban Studies