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The team of scientific and administrative colleagues at the department.

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Work and Research fields
Bohle, Dorothee
(Deputy Head of Department)
Central and Eastern European economy and politics; Comparative political economy (varieties of capitalism, institutional political economy, welfare states, industrial relations, housing finance regimes); International political economy (European integration, financialisation)
Boos, TobiasInternational Political Economy, Social Structure Analysis, (Left-wing) Populism, State theory of the Global South, Political Theory
Brad, Alina
(Senior Scientist)
International Climate, Environmental and Resource Policy, Political Ecology, Carbon Removal Technologies, Social-Ecological Transformation - Regional Focus Southeast Asia
Brand, Ulrich
(Head of Department)
International politics and crisis of globalisation; international climate, environmental and resource policy; civil society; trade unions and social movements; imperial mode of living; socio-ecological transformation; Latin America
Brogat, Emmanuelle
Research Administration and coordination, ERC Research Project MARIPOLDATA
Cyganik, DominikaAdministrative staff of the Department
Deters, Henning
EU Judicial Politics, EU Environmental and Climate Policy, EU Single Market Policy, Regional Parliaments in the EU
Drgac, Deborah
Social science reasearch, Health related studies in all policies, qualitative research
Dursun, Ayse
(currently on leave)
Feminist Theory, Policies of Gender Equality, Intersecionality, Social movements, Migration
Egger, ManuelaStudies Service Unit Political Science
Eitenberger, Magdalenadigital health, healthcare technology, digital ethics, social policy
Eyselein, GabrielEuropean raw-material policy, international resource policy, international political economy, global value-chains & production networks
Falkner, Gerda
(Head of the EIF – Centre for European Integration Research)
European Integration, Europeanisation, Problems with transposition and application of EU law, The EU’s social dimension and anti-discrimination policy
Fankhauser, IngridCoordinator of the Research Network Latin America studies
Fellinger, Simon JoelStudent project assistant, ERC research project MARIPOLDATA
Flatscher, MatthiasPolitical Theory, Language and Social Philosophy, Political Ideas, Democracy Theories and Discourses of Alterity
Gebh, SaraPolitical Theory and History of Ideas; Democratic Theory; Radical Democracy; History of Anti-Democratic Thought; Conflict and Stasis; Civil Disobedience, Protest and Resistance
Gmoser, Susanne
Administrative staff of the Department
Gold-Ponesch, Sarah
(currently on leave)
Feminism, academia and motherhood as situated knowledges; (queer)feminist science and technology studies; resilience and security; critical feminist and security studies; (queer)feminist and postcolonial theories in International Relations; homonationalism and orientalism in Western Europe
Graf, IreneStudies Service Unit Political Science
Grahofer, JuttaStudies Service Unit Political Science
Hansl, NoraHealth Policy, Vaccination Policy, Interpretative Policy Research, Qualitative Methods
Harjes, CaitlinAdministrative staff of the Department
Heidebrecht, SebastianEU policies for the digital age, EU digital single market, Economic governance and the Eurozone, Working conditions of platform workers
Hirt, CarolinStudent project assistant in the research project "Household GHG footprints and Austrian climate policy: identifying leverage points for demand-side mitigation"
Hogan, ConnorPolitical theory; political philosophy; labour rights; labour law; space policy; space law; regulation and governance; computational social sciences; labour market transformation and technological change; digitalisation
Josipovic, IvanEuropean and national asylum policy, migration and border regimes, empirical social research
Jurman, LanaInternational politics, political theory, South-Eastern European studies, environmental politics, social and political history of Yugoslavia, racial histories
Kalleitner, FabianEconomic Sociology, Sociology of labor markets, labor market transformation and technological change, work values, digitalization, inequality and preferences for redistribution, tax politics, survey methodology, quantitative research methods.
Kathan, Michaela Department coordinator, administrative staff of the Department
Kettner, Verena Feminist Political Theories, Queertheory, Affects and Emotions, Body Politics, Feminist Political Economy
Kieslich, Katharina
Comparative health policy; comparative public policy; health priority setting and rationing; health technology assessment; social values in health priority setting; public participation in health care decision-making.
Klausner, Nicolas
IT representative - Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology & Department of Political Science
Klock, Moritz
Student project assistant in the research project "Trustees or Agents? The appointment and ideological orientations of the judges at the Court of Justice of the EU"
Kováts, EszterFeminist theory, gender equality policies, anti-gender movements, illiberal rights in Europe
Krischek, CarolineAdministrative staff of the Department
Langlet, ArneInternational and European environmental policy, the political economy of environmental and climate policy and the study of international institutions and regimes
Liebhart, Karin
(ERASMUS coordinator, Mobility coordinator, Senior Lecturer)
Visual Political Communication; Discursive and Visual Representations of Politics; Rightwing Populism and Rightwing Extremism; Gender Studies; Memory Politics and Remembrance Cultures; Qualitative Methods
Löffler, MarionCritical theories of state and democracy, gender-theories and gender research in political science, political masculinities, fictional literature as political theory, political rhetoric and discourse analysis, research in democracy and parliamentarianism
Lurf, Sara AntoniaStudent project assistant in the research project "VALUE-VACC - Valuing Vaccination: A multi-sited policy valuography"
Lux, Anna-SophieStudent project assistant in the research project "What determines EU sanctions? Design choice and exemptions"
Maneka, DanyalSocial-ecological transformation conflicts, (auto-)mobility, industrial policy, materialist state theory, hegemony theory, science communication
Marchart, OliverPolitical theory, social theory, democracy theory, history of political ideas, social movement research, political discourse analysis
Meissner-Schoeller, KatharinaEU trade policy, EU relations with South America and Southeast Asia, inter-regionalism
Melchior, Josef
(Director of Studies - Political Science Directorate of Studies)
The Political System of the European Union, Europeanization Research, Inequality and Democracy
Menkovski, BojanStudies Service Unit Political Science
Modelhart, AntoniaMedical Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, Assisted reproductive technologies and antibiotic resistance, qualitative methods
Mourão Permoser, JuliaAustrian and European Politics; Migration and Integration; Asylum; Religion and Politics; Inclusion and Exclusion; Democracy; Human Rights; Social Movements; Liberalism/Illiberalism; Morality Politics
Müller, PatrickEuropean Integration, European Union´s International Relations, The EU´s role in Global Governance, The EU´s Common Foreign and Security Policy, EU-Mediterranean Relations, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Naue, Ursula
(ERASMUS coordinator, Mobility coordinator, Senior Lecturer)
Disability policy, dementia and age(ing) policy, participation research, inclusion research, human rights implementation
Obendiek, Anke
EU policies for the digital age, Internet governance, Digital capitalism, Data governance, International Political Sociology
Paul, Katharina T. Health Policy, Vaccination Policy, Regulation, Medical & Biopolitics, Critical Policy Analysis, Interpretative Policy Research
Pflug, RebekkaSocial movement research (women's movement, anti-gender movement, rights movements), welfare states (gender regime, care regime), feminist theory in and to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
Pichelstorfer, AnnaHealth Policy, Immunization Policy, Global Health, Science and Democracy, regulation of biomedicine
Prainsack, Barbara
Health policy; practices, institutions and politics of solidarity; political, social and ethical aspects of Personalised Medicine; data-rich practices in science and medicine; regulation of DNA technologies in medicine and forensics; comparative science & technology policy
Preiser, Anna
(currently on leave)
Resource and environmental policy, socio-ecological conflicts, Political Ecology, Political Economy, regional focus: Latin America
Prendinger, SonjaAdministration of the Research Platform Governance of digital practices
Radhuber, IsabellaGlobal inequalities; Environmental, climate and resource politics; Decolonization, postcolonialism and broader questions of societal democratization; Regional focus: Latin America; Social and political dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and Latin America
Radl, MarleneFeminist Political Economy, Feminist State Theory, Mediapopulism
Raffa, MonjaStudies Service Unit Political Science
Rajic, DanijelaAdministrative staff of the Department
Ruiz R., Silvia C.International Environmental Policy, International Marine Protection, Pnternational Political Economy
Saxinger, Gertrude
Qualitative, ethnographic and decolonial research methods; solidarity in times of a pandemic; social perspectives, in/justice and solidarity in the context of extractive industries and ‘green transition’; Russian and Canadian Arctic and sub-Arctic
Scheibenpflug, Valerie
Political Theory and History of Political Ideas, Boundaries, Crisis, Collective Action, Radical Democracy, Discourse Analysis, Feminist Theory
Schoeller, MagnusEU economic and monetary policy, Eurozone crisis management, Germany and Franco-German relationship in E(M)U, the European Parliament in EU policies
Schölzel, HagenPolitical theory, Science and Technology Studies, theories of democracy, theories of the public sphere, theories of exception, protest and strategic communication
Schraik, ElkeEU policies tackling digital divides, i.e. policies addressing: the competition for global digital leadership; differences in access and use of the digital media between regions, countries and people
Schreier, StefanAdministrative staff of the Department
Segarra, HelenaEuropean and national asylum and border policies, accommodation of asylum seekers, migration, inclusion and participation, empirical social research and ethnography
Seidl, TimoComparative Political Economy of Digital Capitalism, Digital Policymaking in the EU, Ideational Explanations, Text-as-Data
Seitz, SergejPolitical and Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Theories of Radical Democracy, Discourses of Alterity, Theories of Linguistic Violence
Slominski, Peter
(Vice-Director of Studies - Political Science Directorate of Studies)
European Integration with focus on EU energy policy, the EU's fight against climate change
Sowa, FlorianAdministrative staff of the EIF – Centre for European Integration Research
Steig, FlorianInternational Climate Politics, Climate Adaptation, Critical Theories, International Political Economy, Political Ecology
Stummer, RainerAdministration of the ERC research project PREDEF prefiguring democratic futures, public relations of the Department of Political Theory
Tessnow-von Wysocki, InaInternational Cooperation, Environmental Policy, Marine Plastic Pollution
Vadrot, AliceGlobal Environmental Politics, Practices, discourses and institutions in international biodiversity politics, Institutions interfacing science and policy & global environmental assessments, Knowledge and power in intergouvernemental negotiations, Conflicts over the legitimacy of scientific and non-scientific environmental knowledge in international politics
Varabyeu Kancelová, Natália
(currently on leave)
Administration of the Research Platform Governance of digital practices & Administrative staff of the Department
Vukov, VisnjaComparative and international political economy; European integration; East European politics and societies
Wanneau, KrystelIntersection of environmental politics, expertise and international organizations, with special focus on the United Nations environmental programme (UNEP)
Weithaler, AnnaPolitical Theory (esp. Radical Democratic Theory and Theories of Solidarity), History of Political Ideas , Theories of Education, Aesthetics
Weiss, EliasSolidarity, Labour Market, Health, Unconditional Basic Income, Electoral Periods
Wintersperger, AndreasAdministrative staff of the Department
Wolkenstein, FabioDemocratic Theory, Political Parties and Representation, Political Ideologies (esp. Christian Democracy and Social Democracy)