Studienvertretung Politikwissenschaft (StV)

Studienvertretung Politikwissenschaft (StV)


Neues Institutsgebäude
Universitätsstr. 7/2nd Floor
Room: Studienvertretung/Kommunikationszentrum (KomZ), wing A
1010 Vienna

The Studienvertretung (StV) is the elected association at the Departement of Political Science. Since the elections in 2023, the elected mandataries are still members of IG POWI - Institutsgruppe Politikwissenschaft.

The elected mandataries are

  • Sophia Antonia Middeke
  • Sabrina Jasmin Lödler
  • Felix Kampf
  • Dominik Pilnácek
  • Niklas Uhl

Advisory service

Current information (counselling times, study news and event information, etc.) is published on the IG POWI Instagram or Facebook page.

In the student council's room - the KomZ on the second floor of the NIG - the student council offers advice on questions and problems several times a week. The counselling times can be found on the Instagram and Facebook page. The KomZ also serves as a place for students to study, meet and relax. Here, students can borrow different books and get various chilled drinks.

Counselling hours in the winter semester 2023/2024:
Monday, 16:30 to 18:30
Tuesday, 16:00 to 18:00

The student representatives can be reached via Instagram (@ig_powi_wien) and email (