Online IPW Lecture: Johanna Schuster-Craig - Trans*humiliation, Gender and Whiteness

When: Thursday, 21 October 2021, 17:00. Where: online. Lecturer: Johanna Schuster-Craig (Michigan State University). Moderation: Karin Liebhart (IPW).

Invitation to the online IPW Lecture Trans*humiliation, Gender and Whiteness

Lecturer: Johanna Schuster-Craig (Michigan State University)
Moderation: Karin Liebhart (IPW | University of Vienna)

When: Thursday, 21 October 2021, 17:00
Where: online via Zoom (link please see below)


Frauke Petry, Beatrix von Storch and Alice Weidel manage the queerness of their identities as female conservative politicians in Germany by engaging in a form of performative politics I call trans*humiliation. Trans*humiliation mixes gleeful attempts to humiliate with a rhetorical pedanticism that aims to make sense of the revulsion and confusion produced by visibly queer bodies. This tactic is subordinate to broader strategies of anti-genderism and works against perceiving gender and sexuality as a spectrum. Trans*humiliation is a culturally specific form of transphobia with similarities to the anti-queer politics of the evangelical right-wing in the US.

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