Former Research Projects

Former research projects at the Department.
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Univ.-Ass. Dr. Brigitte Bargetz (Project leader)

Critical Science Literacy

Project fellows: Rosa Costa, Iris Mendel

Duration: October 2015 – July 2017

Third-party funded by: Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics – "Sparkling Science" program

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand (Project leader)

Practicing Values

Project fellows: Barbara Stefan

Duration: September 2014 – September 2017

Third-party funded by: ÖAW – Austrian Academy of Sciences


Wissenschaftliche Grundlagenaufbereitung zur Weiterleitung der Koordination von Mehrfachnutzungen in Wien

Project fellows: Sabine Gruber

Duration: September 2016 – January 2017

Third-party funded by: MA 18 – Department for Urban Development and Planning, City of Vienna

emer. o. Prof. Dr. Eva Kreisky (Project leader)

Antisemitism as a political strategy and the development of democracy: the case of the Austrian Parliament 1945-2008

Project fellows: Nicolas Bechter, Karin Bischof, Marion Löffler

Duration: February 2014 – July 2017

Third-party funded by: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

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Dr. Katharina T. Paul (Project leader)

Making sense of vaccination policy in Austria: letting students take a shot

Project fellows: Thomas Palfinger, Lena Schoissengeyer

Duration: September 2016 – February 2017

Third-party funded by: Austrian Science Fund (FWF) – Top Citizen Science Program

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sieglinde Rosenberger (Project leader)

Taking Sides: Protest Against the Deportation of Asylum Seekers

Project fellow: Leila Hadj-Abdou, Nina Merhaut, Sandra Müller & Verena Stern

Duration: October 2013 – October 2017

Third-party funded by: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

In cooperation with: Université de Neuchâtel, University Osnabrück

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Sauer (Project leader)

Affective Labor of Employment Agents Transformation of Public Services in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Project fellows: (until May 2016): Myriam Gaitsch, Franziska Meyer, Otto Penz

Duration: April 2013 – January 2017

Third-party funded by: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

National cooperation partner: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johanna Hofbauer (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

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