International Political Ecology

Coordination: Ulrich Brand

Team: Alina Brad, Dieter Behr, Daniel Buschmann, Andreas Exner, Felix Jaitner, Bettina Köhler, Kathrin Niedermoser, Franziska Kusche, Melanie Pichler, Christina Plank, Martina Podeprel, Isabella Radhuber, Alice Vadrot

The ecological crisis in its various dimensions, implications, and connections with other social crises is one of the most urgent challenges facing humanity. The Research Group on International Political Ecology seeks to use a social-science perspective to create a better understanding of the socioeconomic, cultural, and political-institutional causes of the ecological crisis and to analyze the socially and spatially unequal impacts of its consequences. In theoretical terms, the research group focuses on political and social ecology, with emphasis on the role of the state and the intergovernmental system and from a materialist/critical state and hegemony perspective. Empirical studies on biodiversity, climate change, agriculture, and agrofuels and energy policies are conducted in the context of the Global North and Global South. In addition to analyzing international structures and processes, researchers focus on the regions of Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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