Mag. Dr. Sergej Seitz, MA BA

Portrait photo of Sergej Seitz.

Photo source: private.


Neues Institutsgebäude
Universitätsstr. 7/2nd floor
Room: B 207
1010 Vienna
T: +43-1-4277-494 67

Office hour

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Short biography

• 2007-2014 Studies of Philosophy and German Philology at the Universities of Vienna and Paris VIII (Vincennes/Saint-Denis).
• 2014-2016 Research assistant in the FWF research project Language and Violence: The Ethico-Political Turn to Language after the Linguistic Turn (Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna; principal investigator: Dr. Gerald Posselt)
• 2016-2019 University assistant (prae doc) at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Chair of Philosophy in a Global World - Intercultural Philosophy (Prof. Georg Stenger)
• 2019-2022 University assistant (post doc) at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck.
• Since 2022 Project assistant (post doc) in the ERC Advanced Grant Prefiguring Democratic Futures at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Vienna (principal investigator: Prof. Oliver Marchart)

Areas of research

Political and Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Theories of Radical Democracy, Discourses of Alterity, Theories of Linguistic Violence

Selective bibliography


  • (2020) Politics of Truth. Special Collection, Le foucaldien 6.1 (with Gerald Posselt).


  • (2022) “The Aporia of Justice. Constellations of Normativity in Honneth, Derrida, and Levinas,” Levinas Studies 15 (in print).
  • (2020) “Latour, Foucault, and Post-Truth. Rethinking Critique in Times of the ‘Truth-Crisis,’” Le foucaldien 6.1/6, 1–23 (with Matthias Flatscher).
  • (2019) “Of Citizens and Plebeians. Postnational Political Figures in Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Rancière,” European Law Journal 25/5, 502–507. (with Matthias Flatscher).