Ass.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Theresa Paul

Tenure Track Professur: Digital Health Governance


Kolingasse 14-16/5. Stock, Raum 05.11
1090 Wien
T: +43-1-4277-494 38


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• Studium der Politikwissenschaft an der Tel Aviv University (1998), Universität Wien (1999), sowie an der University of Essex (Department of Government, BA 2002, MA 2003).
• 2003 Praktikum bei der Europäischen Kommission (Brüssel, DG Education & Culture).
• 2004-2008 Dissertantin bei Prof. Maarten Hajer an der Universität Amsterdam (Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, AISSR).
• 2006 Forschungsaufenthalt an der University of Warwick (Center for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation) mit GARNET junior scholar mobility grant (EU 6. Rahmenprogramm).
• 2010-2013 Assistant professor in comparative health policy an der Erasmus Universität Rotterdam (Institute of Health Policy & management; iBMG). Forschung, Lehre und Drittmittelakquise.
• 2013-2016 Lise Meitner Fellowship (FWF) an der Universität Wien, Fakultät Sozialwissenschaften. Mitglied der Life-Science-Governance Forschungsplattform und Institut für Politikwissenschaft
• Seit Oktober 2022 Tenure Track Professorin für Digital Health Governance an der Universität Wien


Vergleichende Politikfeldanalyse, Interpretative Policy-Forschung, Gesundheitspolitik, Regulierung, Medizin & Biopolitik, Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung

Forschungsprojekte und Aktivitäten

  • VALUE-VACC - Valuing Vaccination: A multi-sited policy valuography (FWF START Preis, 2022-2028)
  • KNOW-VACC: Knowledge production and governance in vaccination policy. A comparison of vaccination registries in Austria and the Netherlands. (Elise Richter Stelle V561, FWF, 2017-2021)
  • "Impfpolitik in Österreich: SchülerInnen lesen mit" (FWF Top Citizen Science TCS14, Austrian Science Fund) (2016-2017)
  • "Immunization politicized: the governance of cervical cancer prevention" (FWF M1477, Austrian Science Fund) (2013-2016)
  • Journalmitarbeit bei Critical Policy Studies (editorial team, book notes/reviews)
  • Mitglied des Advisory Board beim Journal of Health Policy, Economics & Law


  • Paul, K.T. & Palfinger, T. (2020). Walking the (argumentative) talk using citizen science: involving young people in a critical policy analysis of vaccination policy in Austria. Evidence & Policy, fast track/first online.
  • Paul, K. &  Haddad, C. (2019). Beyond evidence vs. truthiness: Towards a symmetrical approach to knowledge and ignorance in policy studies. Policy Sciences , 52(2), 299–314.
  • Paul, K.T. & Loer, K. (2019). Contemporary vaccination policy in the European Union: tensions and dilemmas. Journal of Public Health Policy, 4(2), 166–179.
  • Paul, K.T. (2018). Collective Organization of Discourse Expertise using Information Technology – CODE IT! A citizen science case study of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination debate. IT- Information Technology, 60(1), 21-27.
  • Paul, K.T.  & Straßheim, H. (2018). Consumer policy. In H. Heinelt and S. Münch (eds.) (2016) Handbook Of European Policy: Formation, Development and Evaluation. Edward Elgar, London.
  • "Putting public health infrastructures to the test: Introducing HPV vaccination in Austria and the Netherlands”, forthcoming 2018 in Sociology of Health & Illness (vol 40, issue ) (mit Iris Wallenburg & Roland Ball)
  • Paul, K.T. (2016) “’Saving lives’: Adapting and adopting HPV vaccination in Austria, Social Science & Medicine 153:193-200.
  • Paul, K.T. and H. Straßheim (forthcoming) “Consumer policy“, in Heinelt, H. and S. Münch (eds.) (2016) Handbook Of European Policy: Formation, Development and Evaluation. Edward Elgar, London.
  • Adams S., Paul K.T., Ketelaars C. and Robben P. (2015) “The use of mystery guests by the Dutch Health Inspectorate: Results of a pilot study in long-term intramural elderly care.” Health Policy 119: 821-830.
  • Paul, K.T. and C. Haddad (2015) “Marx meets meaning: A critical encounter between historical materialism and interpretive policy analysis. A reply to Brand’s State, Context, Correspondence”. OZP – Austrian Journal of Political Science 44(1): 46-52.
  • Paul, K. T., Avezaat, C. J. J., Friele, R. D., IJzermans, J. N. & Bal, R. A. (2013) "Organ donation as transition work: Policy discourse and clinical practice in The Netherlands". Health 18(4):369-87.
  • Paul, K. T. (2012) "The Europeanization of food safety: a discourse-analytical approach". Journal of European Public Policy 19(4): 549-566.
  • Paul, K. T. (2011) "From 'Politics in the Stable' to Stable Politics: Challenges and Continuities in Dutch Food Policy Discourse", in Science as Culture 20(2): 209-229.
  • Paul, K. T. (2009) "Discourse analysis: an exploration of methodological issues and a call for methodological courage in the field of policy analysis", Critical Policy Studies 3(2): 240 - 253.
  • Paul, K. T. (2008) "Thought for Food (Safety) in the EU: A discourse - analytical approach" GARNET Working Paper series 38/08.
  • Paul, K. T. (2007) "Food for Thought: Change and Continuity in German Food Safety Policy", Critical Policy Analysis 1(1): 18-32.