Dmitrii Zhikharevich, PhD

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1090 Wien
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Short CV

Dmitrii M. Zhikharevich, PhD studied economic sociology and social theory at St Petersburg State University and London School of Economics. His PhD thesis, supervised by Peter Miller and Martin Giraudeau, examined the emergence and early history of venture capitalism in the U.S. In 2020-2022, Dmitrii worked as a Research Fellow at the STS Center, European University at St Petersburg.

Since February 2023, Dmitrii is a researcher in the FWF Start Project “Valuing Vaccination: A multi-sited policy valuography” (principal investigator: Katharina T. Paul). Dmitrii’s empirical work examines how pharmaceutical companies attribute value to their products, thus turning vaccines into capital. In a longer-term, historical perspective, he also works on the genealogy of ‘immunization economics.’

Research interests

Valuation studies, social theory, economic sociology, history and sociology of expertise, STS